Welcome to our page! – Opulent Chill

Welcome to our page!

What is Opulent Chill? Well thank you for asking. 😀

Opulent Chill is a new camp at Burning Man 2017. The long running fire and big beats offering that is Opulent Temple is taking 2017 off from doing a big dance floor and camp at the burn this year to focus on a proper expanded creation in 2018. (But keep an ear out for the annual Wednesday night Sacred Dance ‘white party’ still happening somewhere on playa). Some OT members and the newly interested that are still going to BM, have dreamed up this side project to provide a sanctuary of chill vibes, dance performance, music and gathering in BRC. So that there’s no confusion, this is not OT’s camp at BM this year. All the money raised at Opulent Temple’s annual events are being banked for their own projects and future endeavors.

Opulent Chill is a ‘one-off’ camp just for fun, and being funded by the camp members who pay dues and a crowd funding campaign tbd. (ie- not Opulent Temple’s money). It’s a lot of the Opulent posse who just think the chill vibe at BM is where it’s at for us this year. We have much more to share so please Like this chilly chill page so we can keep in touch. Write us with questions or if you want to get on our camp announcement list!