MUSIC & DANCE – Opulent Chill
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Want to bring your offering of music and/or performance to Opulent Chill?

If it’s aligned with our vision we’d love to take a look!

On the music tip we are indeed going for the loungey chill vibe of music.  It’s not a dance floor in the sound camp sense, it where you can have conversations and connection without raising your voice too much.  We won’t always have live DJ’s, as our programming will be more eclectic than just beat driven music.  We might want ambient space music or Spiritualized, languid trip hop or tear inducing Radiohead depending on time and night.  To start that conversation, e mail:

 Our range of performances can be a wide range of sublime to bizarre.

Belly dancers, ritual performance, whirling dervishes, improv, theatrical spectacle, ballet, contortionists, cirque, sensual go-go etc.   We want men and women and the any gender ranges in between with the raw or refined talent to help set the tone.  We’re looking for performers who both may want to perform to their own music or can do their thing in the middle of someone else’s DJ set or playlist.  If your act involves high energy music that may be too incongruent with our vibe it may not be a good fit, but get in touch to find out!  To start that conversation, e mail: