Kickstarter Goal for Opulent Chill, Last Call – Opulent Chill

Kickstarter Goal for Opulent Chill, Last Call

Hoooray – We Made it!! – We Did it! – We love it! Now for the stretch goal : )

Pop your corks, tip your glasses and breathe a sign of relief. Thanks to YOU, we have reached our goal to ensure we’ll actually get the money pledged from 213+ of you.
We’re humbled, grateful and honestly in awe to have so such wide and deep support from so many people and places. As we look over the list of names, many we know, and many we don’t. Whatever we did to inspire you to part with your hard earned money so we can create this space of art and performance, for this Burning Man but also more occasions in the future elsewhere, wow are we happy!

Thank you guys from the entire core team and the entire camp!
Now – naturally with hours to go we don’t want to stop now. We’re creating a new stretch goal of $3000 to help us cover the costs of the Kickstarter rewards and the fees (5% to KS, 3% to credit card companies) so we can have as much of the possible resources to maximize the vision. So we’re stoked, but not done just yet.
We have until 5:40pm West Coast time, this Sunday to see what we can do. If you’ve been following but haven’t had a chance to donate, or hear from a friend, we’re still in it – it’s not too late!
Thanks again. Hugs and high fives all around.

Thank you on behalf of Opulent Chill and all those who believe in us to create this unique project for connections, performance art, down tempo music and community.